Real Boxing 2 Mod 1.39.0 (Unlimited Money)

Real Boxing 2 Mod 1.39.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Real Boxing 2 Mod apk with Free Unlimited Money + Latest Original Version apk
Name Real Boxing 2
Version 1.39.0
Compatible with Android 7.0 and up
Updated Jul 18, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money
Size 829 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Download Real Boxing 2 Mod apk v1.39.0 for Android.
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Real Boxing 2 Mod apk download

Real Boxing 2 Gameplay

Real Boxing 2 is an exciting fighting game that immerses players in intense boxing matches featuring various styles. In this game, players have the opportunity to face off against highly skilled opponents, including world-champion boxers. Whether it’s day or night, regardless of the number of participants, players can engage in exciting events and take part in battles that deliver an authentic boxing experience.


Real Boxing 2 provides players with an extensive selection of quick boxing postures to master. By learning techniques such as jabs, cross hooks, reverse hooks, and side punches, players can effectively challenge the formidable opponents created by the game. Focus is key during gameplay, as victory can be achieved in the blink of an eye.

Choose Your Boxing Style

Not only does Real Boxing 2 offer players a range of boxing positions for quicker victories, but it also allows them to choose from various boxing styles that suit different matches. Players can select their preferred character and equip them with items that enhance strength, speed, and endurance. With these customizable options, players can create their unique boxing style to compete against other players.


Unlock Rewards by Triumphing Over Opponents

Players who emerge victorious against their opponents in Real Boxing 2 will receive promotions and valuable free items. These items serve as combat tools to enhance the strength of the player’s character. Moreover, players have the opportunity to fully customize their own character, including the face, body weight, and muscle shape, allowing them to truly connect with their creations.

Challenge Your Friends

Real Boxing 2 offers the ability to play with friends, making it an excellent choice for those who want to engage in friendly boxing matches without the risk of physical harm. Invite your friends to compete and give it your all as you test your boxing skills. Strive to achieve the highest scores on the game’s leaderboard, and remember that setbacks are part of the journey to success.

Exciting New Features

Exciting updates await players in Real Boxing 2 Mod. Soon, a special event organized by the legendary Lord eventMayWinner will take place, broadcasting live for all to witness. Prepare yourself by downloading the game and equipping your character to face this thrilling challenge. By participating, you have the chance to win valuable rewards. Additionally, the game welcomes Lando Phil, a newcomer from Los Angeles, who will join the ranks of the boxing discipline in this dramatic match.

Key Features of Real Boxing 2

  • Fight in single-player and multiplayer with online users from all over the world
  • Ability to choose your favorite style for fights
  • The possibility of making a unique fighter by the player and you!
  • Possibility to play multiplayer and online with a chat feature!
  • Boxer training by you with exercises and mini-games
  • Hundreds of different items for you to unlock and use
  • Fantastic design with powerful Unreal Engine 4


Due to the realistic boxing scenes and intense gameplay, Real Boxing 2 is exclusively available for players aged 16 and above. To ensure smooth battles, it is recommended to play the game on high-end devices with a stable internet connection.

Real Boxing 2 Mod also features enticing daily gifts through the daily lottery, allowing players to test their luck and potentially receive valuable items to enhance their characters.

Download Real Boxing 2 Mod 1.39.0 APK (Unlimited Money)

If you’re ready for an unparalleled boxing experience, download Real Boxing 2 v1.39.0 MOD APK with unlimited money. Immerse yourself in the world of professional boxing, face elite fighters, and unleash your skills in the ring. Prepare for exciting matches, exhilarating updates, and the chance to become a champion in this ultimate boxing game.

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Installation Requirements: Android 7.0 and up
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