Idle Eleven – Soccer tycoon Mod 1.25.3 apk (Infinite Money + VIP)

Idle Eleven – Soccer tycoon Mod 1.25.3 apk (Infinite Money + VIP)

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Offline Game, Mod version (increase money instead of decrease + VIP)
Name Idle Eleven - Soccer tycoon
Version 1.25.3
Compatible with Android 4.4 or latest
Updated Jun 21, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money + VIP Unlocked
Size 70 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Download Idle Eleven Mod apk v1.25.3 for Android.
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Idle Eleven – Soccer tycoon

Be a millionaire soccer tycoon in this exciting clicker game, Idle Eleven Mod. This game was developed by the renowned French studio, Gaminho. In this game, you step into the shoes of a soccer tycoon and test your skills as a businessman in the world of football.

With its immersive gameplay and captivating features, Idle Eleven offers an enjoyable gaming experience for sports enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this game and explore its unique gameplay mechanics.

Becoming a Millionaire Soccer Tycoon

In Idle Eleven mod, you have the opportunity to become a millionaire, and perhaps even a billionaire, by managing your very own soccer team. As a soccer tycoon, your primary responsibility is to professionally manage your team and its players. The game follows a clicker-style format, allowing you to progress by making strategic choices and investments.

Choosing Your Club Team

Before embarking on your soccer tycoon journey, you must select your desired club team from your preferred country’s league. This decision will shape your entire gameplay experience, as you’ll be representing and managing this team throughout the game.

Assembling Your Dream Team

In Idle Eleven, you have the power to recruit players from all corners of the globe. These players have unique, fictional names, adding a touch of creativity to the game. Your goal is to build a team of eleven exceptional players, each chosen according to your preferences and strategies. Additionally, you can maintain a bench of reserve players, allowing you to make substitutions during matches whenever necessary.

Nurturing Soccer Stars

While managing your team, you have the opportunity to transform ordinary players into soccer stars. By dedicating time and attention to a particular player, you can enhance their skills and shape them into a professional athlete. Various parameters, including endurance, speed, dribbling, and shooting, can be upgraded to improve each player’s performance.

Earning Money and Progressing

The general gameplay mechanics of Idle Eleven resemble those of other clicker games. By clicking on a player’s profile, which includes their name, photo, nationality, and position, you can increase their strength and overall performance. The success of your team in matches directly impacts your earnings. The more you invest in a player and upgrade their abilities, the greater their contribution to your financial success.

Bonus Features and Mod Unlocked

Aside from the core gameplay, Idle Eleven – Be a Millionaire Soccer Tycoon offers various bonus features and side items to enhance your gaming experience. These additional elements provide an extra layer of entertainment and rewards, ensuring that players remain engaged and motivated.

From here you can download the latest Idle Eleven Mod apk with free infinite money as well as VIP Unlocked. You can also download the latest original version apk file to install on your Android smartphone or Windows PC.


Idle Eleven – Soccer Tycoon Mod is an exciting game that allows you to fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful soccer tycoon. With its engaging gameplay, strategic decision-making, and the opportunity to nurture soccer stars, this game offers a unique and enjoyable experience for players. Whether you’re a soccer enthusiast or simply looking for an entertaining clicker game, Idle Eleven is sure to keep you hooked. Embark on your journey to soccer glory and unleash your skills as a millionaire soccer tycoon today!

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Installation Requirements: Android 4.4 or latest
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