Download Save the Masters Mod 1.1.2 (Unlimited Coins)

Download Save the Masters Mod 1.1.2 (Unlimited Coins)

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Free Unlimited Coins Mod version
Name Save the Masters [Mod]
Version 1.1.2
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Updated Mar 14, 2023
MOD Unlimited Coins
Size 115 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Save the Masters Mod apk v1.1.2 – Android fun and intellectual games for all ages.
Latest original + Mod version with Free Unlimited coins.

Download Save the Masters Mod apk


Save the Masters is an action-packed game that has gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide. The game involves defending the masters of the land from evil monsters and powerful bosses. As players progress through the game, they earn coins and gems, which can be used to unlock new weapons and upgrades.

However, earning coins and gems can be time-consuming, and unlocking new weapons and upgrades can be expensive. To make the game more enjoyable and accessible, many gamers turn to mod apk. In this article, we will discuss the Save the Masters Mod 1.1.2 apk and its download links.

Save the Masters Mod 1.1.2 Game Info:

Save the Masters! If you like intellectual and puzzle games, install this trending game right now and enjoy it. In the Android world, some games have incredibly creative gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours. This game is one of these games that was developed by the Cypriot company Playgendary.

Save the Masters Mod apk

Save the Masters Mod game can be considered a mixed game with puzzle, strategic, and action styles. The attractive 2D graphics of this game will entertain you for hours.


Before playing the game it’s essential to understand the gameplay mechanics. The game consists of various levels, and each level has different challenges. Players must use their fingers to drag and drop objects to create a path for the knights to escape. The game also has obstacles that players must avoid, such as fire and spikes.

Unlimited Coins

What is Save the Masters Mod apk?

A mod apk is a modified version of an original game apk file that has been altered to provide additional features or remove restrictions. In simple terms, it is a hacked version of the game that allows users to enjoy all the features of the game without spending money.

Save the Masters Mod apk is a modified version of the original game that provides unlimited coins and gems, all weapons unlocked, and removes ads. It also enhances gameplay by introducing unique features that are not available in the original game.

Save the Masters Mod coins

How to Play Save the Masters Mod:

Use these tips and tricks that will help you win the game.

1. Plan Your Moves

One of the most crucial aspects of the game is planning your moves. Take a few seconds to analyze the level and plan your moves accordingly. This will help you avoid making mistakes and wasting moves.

2. Use Boosters Wisely

Save the Masters Mod game has various boosters that players can use to help them win the game. You can use boosters such as bombs, hammers, and dynamite to break obstacles and clear the path for the knights. However, it’s crucial to use these boosters wisely as they are limited.

3. Pay Attention to the Obstacles

The game has various obstacles that players must avoid, such as fire and spikes. It’s crucial to pay attention to these obstacles and plan your moves accordingly. For example, if there’s a fire blocking the path, you can use water to extinguish it.

4. Use Physics to Your Advantage

Save the Masters Mod apk is a physics-based game, which means that players must use physics to their advantage. For example, you can use momentum to launch the knights across gaps or use the weight of objects to create a path.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Lastly, practice makes perfect! The more you play the game, the better you’ll become. Don’t get discouraged if you fail a level, keep practicing, and you’ll eventually get better.

Features of Save the Masters Mod apk

Save the Masters Mod apk provides several features that make the game more enjoyable and accessible, including:

  • Unlimited coins and gems: Players can unlock new weapons and upgrades without spending real money.
  • All weapons unlocked: You can purchase all weapons using unlimited free coins. So, you can now access all weapons without having to reach a specific level or spend coins and gems.
  • No ads: Players can enjoy the game without the interruption of ads.
  • Unique gameplay enhancements: The mod apk provides additional features such as enhanced graphics and sound effects.


Save the Masters Mod 1.1.6 is a challenging game, but with these mod features, how to play guide you’ll be able to improve your skills and win the game. Remember to plan your moves, use boosters wisely, pay attention to obstacles, use physics to your advantage, and practice makes perfect!

Download Link:

Installation Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
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