Name RoughAnimator - animation app
Version 3.05
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Updated Mar 8, 2023
MOD Unlocked Features
Size 28.9 MB
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RoughAnimator animation app v3.05 – an exciting and popular Android animation application.
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Animations have become crucial to any effective content strategy as the world grows more visually oriented. Animations will improve your explainer videos, and your product demonstrations will come to life. Yet, the only tools available for creating animations are desktop programs with challenging learning curves and high costs.

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Introducing RoughAnimator, a ground-breaking animation program that has opened up the possibility of animation creation to everyone. The features, benefits, and potential uses of RoughAnimator will all be covered in detail in this paper.


RoughAnimator 3.05 is a professional application for making attractive animations on Android devices. The set of tools used in this software enables you to make your animations as easily as possible and share them with your friends. During the creation of each animation, users have access to unlimited layers so that they can create animations of their desired length and time.

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A variety of brushes and special colors are included in RoughAnimator, which makes drawing in different layers very simple and easy and gives users the feeling of complete control over all created layers. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional user. The important thing is that you use this application because any of your needs for different tools are easily solved.

What is RoughAnimator App?

RoughAnimator is an animation app made exclusively for mobile devices. It is a very powerful tool and comes with an easy-to-use UI that enables you to make animations on your Android or iOS device. Animatics, storyboards, and hand-drawn animations may all be made with this program.

Because of its simplicity and usability, RoughAnimator has become popular with both experts and novices. You can purchase this app from Google PlayStore as well as Apple App Store.

Features of RoughAnimator

RoughAnimator offers features that make it one of the best animation apps available on mobile devices. Let’s take a look at some of its most prominent features:

Layer Management:

RoughAnimator allows you to manage your animation layers easily. You can add or remove layers, rearrange them, and set the opacity of each layer. The app also allows you to import images as separate layers, making it easy to animate pre-drawn characters.

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Onion Skinning

Onion skinning is a technique used to animate by faintly seeing the previous and next frames. RoughAnimator has a robust onion-skinning feature that lets you preview previous and next frames while you work on the current frame. This feature makes it easier to maintain consistency in your animations.

Exporting Options

RoughAnimator lets you export your animations in various formats, including MP4, GIF, and PNG sequences. You can also adjust the frame rate and resolution of your animation before exporting.

Audio Import and Export

RoughAnimator supports importing and exporting audio files. You can add sound effects or music to your animations to make them more engaging.

Brush Customization

RoughAnimator allows you to customize your brushes to suit your animation style. You can adjust the size, opacity, and pressure sensitivity of your brushes. You can also create new brushes from scratch.

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Pressure Sensitivity

This app supports pressure-sensitive styluses. So now you can create precise and intricate animations. The app also supports the Apple Pencil, a must-have tool for any serious digital artist.

Key Features:

  • Access to unlimited layers to create paintings
  • Adjust the time interval between each created layer to your liking
  • Input audio to lip sync
  • Preview and play the created animations
  • Scrub along the timeline
  • Access to a variety of brushes and painting tools
  • Support for all types of Galaxy Note S-Pen
  • Frequency and resolution control
  • Receive the output of animations in the form of gif images, video as well as Adobe Flash / Animate.

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The RoughAnimator application is one of the handiest animation apps for the Android operating system. It has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 from Google Play users with its price of $4.99 and more than 50 thousand active downloads, and now you can purchase the latest version. Download this professional software for free from the i1apk website.

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Installation Requirements: Android 5.0 and up

Whats new:

– Bug fix: import and export video broke in version 3.05

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