Download ZOMBIE FIRE 3D Mod 1.12.4 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

Download ZOMBIE FIRE 3D Mod 1.12.4 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

Category: Action , Games
Unlimited Money and coins after training steps
Name ZOMBIE FIRE 3D: Offline Game [Mod]
Version 1.12.4
Compatible with Android 5.1 and up
Updated May 26, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money + Coins
Size 147 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D: Offline Game v1.12.4 + Mod apk for Android.
Latest Regular + Mod with Free Unlimited and coins.

Are you a fan of zombie games? Do you enjoy playing offline games on your phone? If yes, then Zombie Fire 3D is the game for you! In this article, we will explain everything about Zombie Fire 3D Mod apk 1.12.2 with a high-speed download link.

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D: Offline Game


ZOMBIE FIRE 3D: Offline Game is another well-made and entertaining game from the Vietnamese studio VNG GAME STUDIOS. This game was designed and published in the style of action and FPS (first-person shooter).

This game company has been producing and publishing mobile action games for many years. This developer has released various games such as ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL, DEAD WARFARE: Zombie, MAD ZOMBIES: Free Sniper Games, DEAD TARGET: Zombie, ZOMBIE HUNTER, and SNIPER ZOMBIE. Perhaps at first glance, there is practically no difference between these games, and it is quite clear that VNG GAME STUDIOS is very interested in making these types of games.

The ZOMBIE FIRE 3D Mod game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over, and you are the last hope for humanity. You have to fight your way through hordes of zombies and complete various missions to survive.

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D Mod gameplay:

Zombie Fire 3D is a first-person shooter game. You play as a survivor who has to fight his way through waves of zombies to complete various missions. The game has different types of weapons, including handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you have to choose the right one for each mission.

Free Unlimited money and coins

The game has different types of missions, including rescue missions, where you have to save survivors, and defense missions, where you have to defend a location from the zombies. The game also has boss battles, where you have to defeat a powerful zombie boss to progress to the next level.


The game starts with a cinematic intro, which sets the tone for the rest of the game. The world has been overrun by zombies, and you are one of the few survivors left. You have to make your way to a safe zone, which is located in the center of the city. Along the way, you will encounter different types of zombies, each with their own unique abilities.


Graphics and Sound

One of the things that set Zombie Fire 3D Mod apart from other offline games is its graphics and sound. The game has stunning 3D graphics that create an immersive post-apocalyptic world. The sound effects and music are also top-notch, which adds to the overall experience of the game.


The game has simple and intuitive controls. You can move your character by using the joystick on the left side of the screen, and you can aim and shoot by using the buttons on the right side of the screen. The game also has an auto-shoot feature, which makes it easier to shoot zombies.

Upgrades and Customization

This zombie shooting game has a wide range of upgrades and customization options. You can upgrade your weapons to make them more powerful and unlock new abilities. You can also customize your character by changing his appearance and outfit.


MOD Unlocked

The game is free to download and play, but it has in-app purchases. But with the ZOMBIE FIRE 3D Mod apk you will get unlimited money and coins for free. You can use mod money to buy in-game currency, which you can use to buy weapons, upgrades, and customization options. However, you can also earn in-game currency by completing missions and achievements.


Zombie Fire 3D is an exciting and thrilling offline game that will keep you hooked for hours. The game has stunning graphics, top-notch sound, and simple controls. The wide range of weapons, missions, and upgrades make the game highly addictive. If you are a fan of zombie games, then Zombie Fire 3D Mod apk 1.12.4 is a must-play.

Download ZOMBIE FIRE 3D Mod apk [Free]

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Installation Requirements: Android 5.1 and up
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