Dead Target Mod APK v4.100.0 – Zombie Games 3D for Android.
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DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D

Dead Target Mod game info:

Dead Target Mod Apk is a fantastic addition to your collection of action games. It provides thrilling offline sniper gaming adventures that challenge you to shoot and kill obstinate zombies. DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D, like previous VNG Game Studios zombie games, uses 3D visuals and sound technologies to provide an immersive gaming experience. If you’ve played and enjoyed Sniper Zombies and Dead Warfare, you’ll love this game!

An Exciting Game Background

VNG Game Studios set this game in 2040, during the Zombie apocalypse. The zombie horde is so powerful that it threatens to wipe out the entire world. As a result, a sniper team is formed to combat these fearsome beasts. You will be a member of that squad!

Dead Target Mod Unlimited Money

Dead Target Mod Unlimited Money

You must use your skills to hunt down and kill all the zombies. Your squad is the only one who can save the day. As a result, you need to gather all available guns and weaponry and annihilate the opponent. Either you succeed, or the whole world perishes!

A Highly Immersive Gameplay

Dead Target is an offline game involving intense shooting sessions. Your first task is to survive the hordes of zombies as you move from one location to another to save your life. You must increase your arsenal as time elapses to stay ahead of the game. The more zombies you kill, the more diamonds & gold coins you acquire.

You’ll then use these virtual currencies to purchase essential items like guns, grenades, armor, and life spheres. With these items, you’ll be able to shoot and kill more zombies during your next adventure!

Additionally, the game comes with a dynamic leaderboard. The more opponents you kill, the more points you’ll get, and the more you rise on the leaderboard. The top players on this list receive powerful guns, bombs, and grenades!

A Wide Collection of Guns and Weapons

While playing this game, you must kill zombies and upgrade your weapons. There is a wide range of guns available in this game. Overall, you will have access to more than 50 lethal sniper guns. Even better, you can customize them to make them even more powerful.

Unlimited Weapon Hack

Unlimited Weapon Hack

If you accumulate diamonds, you will upgrade each weapon to inflict maximum damage! With these guns, you’ll kill zombies without exerting too much effort. As such, you can stay focused on your primary goal of saving the world!

A Dynamic Battle Pass to Collect Special Items

Battle pass mode will enable you to collect survival items you cannot collect when playing in the normal mode. It only appears once.

As such, you should utilize every chance you get to collect as many items as possible. Things such as grenades and armor will assist you in winning the game faster.

Offline Gameplay Available for Your Convenience

The game designers at VNG Game Studios understand that you might want to engage in intense shooting sessions even when you are offline. Whether on a road trip or relaxing at home, this game will give you a much-needed break!

Additionally, the game has an offline reward system that allows you to collect rewards even when not connected to the internet.

Superior 3D Graphics and Immersive Sound Systems

The game designers set out to create an intense battle experience for you. As such, they’ve included state-of-the-art 3D graphics and sound systems. You will fall in love with its highly detailed maps and realistic zombies. The variety of weapons available has been modeled after real-life counterparts to give you an authentic battle experience.

Finally, the sound system only involves high-definition music that keeps your heart racing continuously!

Download Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited diamonds, money

Do you want to experience exceptional gameplay for free? If yes, you should download Dead Target MOD APK unlimited everything. The game has the following features:

  • Dead Target Mod APK All Guns Unlocked. You can access all the guns without restrictions using the Dead Target MOD APK download.
  • Dead Target MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gold. The modded version of the game offers all the resources you need to advance your gameplay without a hassle.
  • No Ads. The Dead Target MOD APK offline mode does not have ads, thus allowing continuity and uninterrupted gameplay.

Overall, the Dead Target MOD APK 2023 file has all the features you need to enjoy your gameplay. You can also try Zombie Towers Mod apk for Free (Coins and Diamonds)


If you enjoy shooting games, you should obtain the Dead Target MOD APK latest version. This game allows you to participate in a highly realistic combat that will keep you entertained for hours! Furthermore, the graphics and sound system are of high quality. Playing this game on your phone or tablet may satisfy your goal of becoming an adept sniper. Finally, the Dead Target MOD APK limitless gems and gold will enable you to acquire all of the game’s stuff!

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