Picture Mushroom – Mushroom ID Premium 2.9.19 (Unlocked apk)

Picture Mushroom – Mushroom ID Premium 2.9.19 (Unlocked apk)

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Premium and full version of the app for Free.
Name Picture Mushroom - Mushroom ID
Version 2.9.19
Compatible with Android 9.0 or latest
Updated Aug 31, 2023
MOD Premium Unlocked
Size 59 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Download Picture Mushroom – Mushroom ID Premium apk v2.9.19 for Android.
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Picture Mushroom - Mushroom ID Premium apk

Mushrooms around us are divided into two categories, edible and poisonous. Edible mushrooms are eaten by millions of people around the world. Poisonous mushrooms are also used in many chemical industries! Although the main source of many edible mushrooms is greenhouses. We can also find them in nature and put them on our table after cooking. However, identifying mushrooms is by no means an easy task and only mushroom lovers can recognize their differences according to the signs. If you are also constantly travelling in nature and constantly encountering mushrooms, then you should try Picture Mushroom – Mushroom ID Premium app.

Picture Mushroom – Mushroom ID

Picture Mushroom is an extremely attractive application for quick as well as accurate identification of mushrooms. This app was developed by Next Vision Limited and published on Google Play. With a set of features and a very wide database, this app allows you to get a set of rare information by recording a picture of the mushroom you want. The information that is displayed after scanning the recorded images of mushrooms is divided into several different categories. Each category of mushroom has a scientific name, its habitat, and whether it is edible or poisonous, etc.


After identifying a mushroom, a set of information from various sources related to the identified species will be provided to you, which will be very useful if you are among mushroom lovers and will increase your knowledge in this field. Another great feature of Picture Mushroom – Mushroom ID is different recommendations based on your location!


After establishing access to GPS and identifying your location, this program will show you a collection of different types of mushrooms found around you and provide useful information along with them. If you have come across rare mushrooms during your travels, you can build a professional collection. This collection can include a collection of your findings, with the help of which you will be able to share useful content with your friends.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy identification of different types of mushrooms just by recording a picture of them
  • A complete database of information on different types of mushrooms
  • Fully scientific articles to familiarize you more with the identified fungi
  • Providing various information related to mushrooms from various references
  • Creating a professional collection of mushrooms that you have identified in your travels
  • Share your findings with your friends
  • Extremely simple and smooth user interface

Download Picture Mushroom – Mushroom ID Premium apk

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Installation Requirements: Android 9.0 or latest
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