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The War ravages The disease has spread worldwide, and most people become Zombies. We have to make sure that we live in this desperate time! “Commander, create your foundation, defend zombies against the people!” Conserve the flame of humanity! Install & Play The Last Shelter Survival 1.250.147 + Mod APK with Unlimited Money access to purchase and upgrade nearly everything.

You must start small to build your city to survive, but you will grow fast and be strong so that you can protect more people! you must be strong to survive! Prepare the facilities properly, the room is important.

Find or start an alliance: people around the world scattered, find friends, create an alliance, protect themselves against your enemies, select class: you must take one of three classes in order to succeed in your way! Campaign: Train various units and struggle for your empire!

Features of the Last Shelter Survival + Mod Android Game

  • Realistic graphics – All from vehicles to cards to heroes seems very realistic and produces an entire post* experience. World War Fighting enemies worldwide, bring the empire to success and battle it to the last guy.
  • Become an absolute free urban center, upgrading of infrastructure, science & development, education for warriors and survivors and the hiring of strong heroes to make the new world a better day!
  • Hero Program Whether you want to attack your enemies from afar, protect your farming or base near, there are TONS of heroes able to help you!
  • Strategic Gameplay You just have to know your enemy and yourself to conquer this kind of battlefield during World War 2 and you can definitely not derail soldiers, snipers, and vehicles.
  • And More…

Last Shelter Survival Zombie destroying game is a product of Long Tech Network Limited for Android 4.0.3 or the latest version. More than 10,000,000+ installs on Google PlayStore with 4.6/5 average users rating.

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What’s new inside v1.250.147

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The last chance is the World Center out?
In 5th Season #National Mission Chapter 3 Coming Soon #Doomsday Conquest, we are returning to the past. Destroyer missile could destroy the gathering points and the Garrison Base during channeling 2. During the conquest of Armageddon, the collected resource stations may have the territories occupied by clicking “Occupy”

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