Door Kickers Mod 1.1.29 (Mod, Unlimited money and stars)

Door Kickers Mod 1.1.29 (Mod, Unlimited money and stars)

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The unforgiving, award winning SWAT-command quick tactics game.
Name Door Kickers [Mod]
Version 1.1.29
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Updated Jun 2, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money + Stars
Size 456 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Download Door Kickers Mod apk v1.1.29 for Android.
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Door Kickers Mod apk for Android

Door Kicker Mod game info:

Door Kickers for Android is a strategy-based game where you plan and execute real door-kicking attacks. It is an intense, action-packed game that requires quick wits, precision, and a strong sense of accuracy.

It starts with players choosing their squad and equipment. They will then plan the entry route and choose which doors to target. Once inside, you’ll need to make split-second decisions based on the situation – be it rescuing hostages or neutralizing hostiles.

Why you should try the Door Kicker game:

Door Kickers Mod game comes with simple yet effective controls. Swiping your finger across the screen allows you to move your team around while tapping allows you to issue commands. It’s an accessible game, but a challenging one nonetheless – it may take some time and practice before you master the basics.

The game also features immersive 3D visuals, creating a tense atmosphere as you move through each mission. It boasts many unlockable weapons – from handguns to shotguns – as well as multiple missions with varying objectives.

Overall, Door Kickers is a great game for anyone looking for an intense tactical experience. It’s simple enough to pick up and play, but complex enough that it will take some time and practice before completing each mission successfully. Download the game today and see how far your strategy skills can take you.


This game brings the functionality of SWAT teams to your fingertips. It puts you in the shoes of a special ops commander as you work to lead your team through intense missions. Lead squads of soldiers on daring door-kicking operations and get ready for some heart-pounding action.

SWAT teams have the difficult task of planning and executing door-kicking attacks to neutralize enemies or rescue hostages. This can be a difficult task, as each situation is different and requires quick thinking and precision timing.

This game gives you access to some of the same tools real SWAT team members use so that you can plan your entry route and coordinate your team’s moves. As you move through each mission, there will be unexpected scenarios that require quick thinking and tactical decision-making.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Download Door Kickers MOD APK now and get started! It promises intense action, realistic 3D visuals, multiple missions with varying objectives, and 8 unlockable weapons.

Multiple Missions & Objectives

  • 80+ Single Missions. This game is highly versatile, ensuring an exciting experience every time. As you progress through the game, you’ll come across numerous missions and objectives requiring quick thinking and precise timing.

Door Kickers APK is compatible with Android 5.0+versions. It weighs 466MB and requires at least 512MB of storage space. We also recommend a device with a minimum of 2GB RAM for optimal performance.

The application is offered by KillHouse Games, a team of experienced developers dedicated to creating high-quality apps that deliver an immersive gaming experience. As such, you can be assured that you won’t experience lag or crashes during gameplay.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Door Kickers APK

  • Ensure you know the mission objectives before starting each level. This will help you plan and execute your strategy effectively.

Door Kickers APK is an intense & engaging game that will test your strategy and problem-solving skills. It has excellent visuals, highly responsive controls, and real-time battles with non-linear levels.

It is easy to get acclimated to the game with its simple user interface. But don’t be fooled, it offers a challenging experience that will require strategy and quick thinking. Download the game & prepare to lead your SWAT team to success!

Download Door Kickers Mod apk [Unlimited Money + Stars]

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Installation Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
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