Download Hearthstone 26.2.174258 apk for Android!

Download Hearthstone 26.2.174258 apk for Android!

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Name Hearthstone
Version 26.2.174258
Compatible with Android 7.0 and up
Updated May 3, 2023
MOD Official APK
Size 115 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft v26.2.174258 – a popular “Warcraft Heroes” game.
Free download the latest official version apk file.

Hearthstone is a new and incredibly beautiful Android game with stunning HD graphics in the style of card games. It has been able to achieve more than 5,000,000 downloads in a limited period of time!

Download Hearthstone for Android


Hearthstone is a digital collectible card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, the same company behind popular franchises such as Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch. The game was first released in March 2014 for Microsoft Windows and OS X, and later for iOS and Android devices in April and December of the same year, respectively. Hearthstone quickly gained a massive following and became one of the most successful and influential games in the genre, spawning a competitive esports scene and a dedicated fan community.

Hearthstone Gameplay:

In this Hearthstone game, you and your opponent take turns playing cards with special and unique features and capabilities to defeat each other and move on to the next opponent! What sets this game apart from similar competitors is the use of special Warcraft characters and classes, high graphics, and of course the ability to combine and make different items and disenchant them.

It should be noted that this version also includes the “Goblins vs. Genomes” plugin. If you are interested in special Android games in the field of cards, or even if you are interested in famous Warcraft characters, do not miss the Hearthstone game.

Competitive Scene

Hearthstone has a thriving competitive scene, with regular tournaments and leagues organized by Blizzard and third-party organizers, culminating in global championships with millions of dollars in prize pools. The game also has a robust ranked ladder system, where players can climb the rankings and earn rewards based on their performance each month. The esports scene features some of the most skilled and dedicated players in the world, with a variety of strategies and playstyles showcased in high-stakes matches.


Updates and Expansions

Blizzard releases regular updates and expansions for Hearthstone, adding new cards, mechanics, and features to the game. Each expansion usually introduces a new theme or storyline, along with a set of unique cards and gameplay mechanics that shake up the meta and create new strategies. The company also frequently engages with the community to gather feedback and suggestions for future updates and improvements.

Community and Social Features

Hearthstone has several social features that allow players to connect and interact with each other. Players can add friends and spectate their matches, chat and emote during games, and join or create communities on forums and social media platforms. The game also has a vibrant and diverse fan community, with artists, streamers, cosplayers, and content creators contributing to the game’s culture and creativity.


Key Features:

  • The presence of all popular and famous Warcraft characters
  • Defeat 17 formidable enemies to unlock 31 cards
  • Defeat enemies with a variety of different magic cards
  • Combine cards to create the strongest fighting cards
  • HD graphics with excellent sound and touch controls

Download Hearthstone 26.2.174258 [Free]

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Installation Requirements: Android 7.0 and up
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