Gauthmath Premium 1.23.2 (Mod, Unlimited tickets)

Gauthmath Premium 1.23.2 (Mod, Unlimited tickets)

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Free Premium version Unlocked + Unlimited Tickets
Name Gauthmath - AI Homework Helper
Version 1.23.2
Compatible with Android 6.0 and up
Updated Jun 1, 2023
MOD Unlimited Tickets
Size 69 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Download Gauthmath – AI Homework Helper Premium apk v1.23.2 for Android.
The mod version comes with Premium features unlocked + Free Unlimited tickets.

Download Gauthmath - AI Homework Helper Premium apk

Can you imagine having an application on your smartphone that instantly solves any type of math problem? How exciting could it be if complexity is not an issue for the app? Well, download and install the Gauthmath Premium apk now and enjoy getting explanations for your math questions.

Gauthmath Premium app info:

The Gauthmath – AI Homework Helper app provides real-time help with your math homework. It is an educational tool that solves all sorts of math problems and at the same time offers systematic explanations. Thus, it provides learners of various levels with personalized assistance in solving various mathematical problems to they can get answers!

If you are stuck in a calculation or need help with your math homework, this is the app you should have on your mobile device.

Solve All Your Math Problems

This app provides solutions to mathematical problems by requiring the user to take a photo of the problem, exercise, or operation. When you launch the app, an automatic chat opens. This is where you will scan and send the question.

Gauthmath Mod apk

Once the app confirms and captures the data correctly, it will display the result within seconds. Not only does the app provide us the extra steps to answers, but it also comes with online tutorials that add to the explanations.

This math problem solver helps users with all types of questions from a range of math topics such as trigonometry operations, algebra, matrices, geometry, calculus, and more. You will also get help solving word problems. Users will have only five free tickets. To get other problems solved, users will have to invite new users to get more tickets.


Through the Gauthmath Premium app, you will get live math experts available 24/7 and get math solutions followed by step-by-step explanations! Here are some of the highlights of the app.

Math Homework Helper

This app will give you help with your math homework for free. You need to use your mobile phone to type questions and get answers from accredited mathematicians. If you don’t want to type questions, you can simply take a photo and upload it into the chat.

This app is absolutely free! Gauthmath Premium apk offers you a free and portable tutor, always ready to offer you help to complete your math homework and enhance your learning efficiency!

Easy to Use:

With Gauthmath Premium, you will find solutions for any math problems like a piece of cake! If you have a problem in math that you find hard to solve by yourself, just leave it to the experts in this amazing app!

Scan and Solve math problems

Basically, this app will become your most reliable math assistant and give the best math answers. This is the world’s trusted math assistant!

Various Math Topics

The Gauthmath Premium app doesn’t only help you get answers for questions in only one specific math topic. It covers a number of topics. Gauthmath is the fastest math problem solver in several topics without the user paying the cost of a real online tutor. Just type or take a photo of your question and instantly get answers from math experts.

Here, you will get correct answers for Word Problems as well as for other topics. Some of the most famous topics in this app include Algebra (Arithmetic, Expressions, Logarithms, etc.). Moreover, you will also get solutions for Functions, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Matrices, and more! Just try the app now and you will start finding math fun and easy!

Fast Solutions with Gouthmath Premium

Experts are always ready to give you answers. All you should do is snap a math question and you will get the answer in seconds! Thousands of tutors and math experts are always ready to help. They give answers almost instantly after they get a photo of your math problem. The most exciting thing is that you will get well-explained solutions anytime, 24/7.

Master of math

The many math experts available on the Gauthmath Premium will prepare high-quality solutions for you and make your math exams and homework much easier! Make Gauthmath your loyal math helper now and enjoy passing math with the higher grades!

Online Tutorials

There are real online tutors who are ready to get answers and explanations to all your math questions. They provide reliable online tutorials 24 hours a day. More than 5 million users have this app on their devices. This makes it credible and an app you should not hesitate to download today!

Turn Off Covered Topics

The Gauthmath Premium app offers a feature that allows you to mark those topics that you have already gotten help with. This is a great way to know the topics that you need help with and those that you have already covered.

Download Gauthmath Premium apk [Mod]

Get the Gauthmath Premium apk [Mod] with unlimited tickets on your smartphone and get answers to any math question now. Enjoy making unlimited money and tickets too!

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Installation Requirements: Android 6.0 and up
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