FiLMiC Pro apk v6.20.5 – Mobile Cine Camera app for Android.
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FiLMiC Pro APK (Full Paid) – the most advanced HD video recorder software ever made for the Android platform. Convert the default phone camera into a fully manual DSLR camera. It has been used in more high-profile video & film projects than any other video app. The full paid version unlocked all premium features access, an ad-free experience, and no time limit.

FiLMiC Pro: Mobile Cine Camera

FiLMiC Pro – Mobile Cine Camera

One of the best and most powerful mobile video recording software. This app is used more than any other program in high-detail video projects, from viral (or viral) videos for Bentley Motors to TANGERINE. Viral (or viral) video is those short videos that are shared on cyberspace, the Internet, and social networks. FiLMiC Pro turns your Android device’s camera into a valuable, high-quality Broadcast video camera. It critically acclaimed movies like Tangerine and short clips like Dragonborn. It has the most responsive manual camera interface available on Android. Has won numerous awards, including Best Video Camera App at the Best App Ever Awards and Best App of the Week at

FiLMiC Video Recording Software

FiLMiC Pro camcorder can shoot and record in an actual LOG gamma curve on supported devices. The logical gamma curve allows for greater tonal range and flexibility in post-production. Standard, manual, and hybrid shooting modes. A shooting style for any skill level. Portrait (vertical) and landscape shooting orientations. High-speed frame rates of 60,120, 240 fps (hardware dependent). Slow-motion and fast-motion FX options for a video editor.Configurable time lapse Recording. Customizable saved personal presets. Aspect ratio framing guide overlays. Thirds guide for dynamic composition. Image stabilization.

What is FiLMiC Pro?

At the moment, smartphone cameras are getting more and more advanced. The majority of individuals desire stunning, glittering frames to post on social media in addition to remembering remarkable everyday moments. You can accomplish that with FiLMiC Pro.

The most sophisticated video camera for smartphones is the FiLMiC Pro, which Cinegeni developed. While recording, the program supports several functions, including portrait orientation, horizontal recording, and anti-shake.

It is favored for its powerful backing during recording, FiLMiC Pro. However, the smartphone’s primary camera can only take pictures in automatic mode. FiLMiC Pro further enables users to modify live videos as they are being recorded. This will help you save lots of time.

Additionally, you may easily publish freshly shot movies to social media websites like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

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Key Features:

  • Dual arc slider controls for adjusting focus and exposure.
  • Live analytics suite including Zebra Stripes, Clipping, False Color, and Focus Peaking.
  • Ramped zoom rocker control.
  • White balance adjustment matrix with predefined and custom presets.
  • Also, the Content Management System for project file naming.
  • FiLMiC Sync integration to store preset data in the cloud and share it between devices.
  • Clip favoriting.
  • Batch upload to supported share targets.
  • Gamma curve controls for Natural, Dynamic, Flat, and LOG.
  • Live shadow and highlight adjustments.
  • Live RGB, saturation as well, as vibrance adjustments.

Share your video through any share-capable apps like Facebook, DropBox, Vimeo, etc. 4 Flexible encoding options to balance between quality and file size: FiLMiC Extreme (up to 100mbps at 2k, 4k, and higher resolution)Advanced Audio Features: Headphone audio monitoring as well as Dynamic audiometer.

Video recording for Android

You may record movies with the greatest resolution with FiLMiC Pro. You can capture high-quality films on your smartphone using manual or noise filter settings, conventional shooting modes, and the ability to focus and change brightness.

FiLMiC Pro Unlocked app for Android

There is no room for hesitation when someone urges you to use this app. Enhanced pixel retrieval and self-tuning functions merged with the standard features. With the strength of that processor, FiLMiC Pro merits being ranked first among current editing tools.

High-quality video output

FiLMic Pro can fulfill quality requirements based on the device’s settings and resolution. The best video quality is 4K, but you can modify it to a little less high-definition, like 2K, 1080p, or 720p, to avoid overtaxing the CPU and memory.

FiLMiC Pro also enables you to make further adjustments inside the camera. It will be inconvenient and challenging if you wish to adjust the parameters to capture the video that way while using a conventional camera.

Remember to configure the audio specifications, in particular. You may utilize the stereo system if you have an external microphone. In other circumstances, your device’s built-in microphone is turned on in its place.

Anti-vibration feature

You occasionally have an unforgettable moment. You scramble to record that sight with your camera or smartphone. But the image in your video is blurry and unstable—what a shame. If you had a gimbal or a phone with an anti-vibration mode built-in, you would have gotten what you desired.

However, such issues won’t arise if you utilize FiLMic Pro; therefore, you won’t need anything else. Even when you move or tilt the smartphone, the app is anti-shake when you rotate it manually. The frame should be adjusted to 30 for the anti-shake to function more effectively.

Graceful user interface:

FiLMic Pro offers a nicely designed and optimized user interface. You can easily navigate the menu while recording since it is cleverly organized on the left side of the screen.

Changing the color, focus, exposure, and zoom indications is also simple. The sliders that are visible on the screen must be moved.

The most effective pixel analyzers for video recording are Zebra, Clipping, False Color, and Focus Peaking. Your movie or video will be significantly higher quality as a consequence, without requiring extensive post-production editing. You can change the app’s default settings if you still don’t like them to better fit your preferences. The application matrix calculates the white balance level and is adjusted by the UI.

FiLMiC Pro apk

FiLMiC Pro Full manual control:
Hue (Tint)
Arayh (Exposure)
drag Focus (Pulling Focus)

Different resolutions and aspect ratios include:
Cinemascope (2.59: 1)
Super 35 (2.39: 1)
Letterbox (2.20: 1)
Super 16 (1.66: 1)
16: 9 (2K, 1080,720, 540)
17: 9 Digital Cinema Initiative (2K)
1: 1 Square resolution for Instagrammers

Multiple storage and sharing options:
Share your HD videos via a variety of supported plugins, such as:
– Facebook
– Dropbox
– Vimeo
– Google Drive
– etc.


Advanced audio features of FiLMiC Pro:
Sampling rate 44.1 or 48.0khz
Audio measurement
Adjustable volume gain
Headphone monitoring
Stereo recording support
Support for external microphone levels and audio input devices
Adjustable microphone position

Download FiLMiC Pro apk [Unlocked]

FiLMiC Pro: Mobile Cine Camera app provides all the tools you need to create professional-quality movies and videos. This app will satisfy all those who love recording video with smartphones. This app was developed by Filmic Inc.[United States]. More than 100K+ users have already installed this fantastic app from Google PlayStore. You can download and install the latest premium version app from the below link.

Download Link:

File Size: 145.9 MB
Installation Requirements: Android v7.0 – 7.1 (Nougat), 8.0 – 8.1 (Oreo), v9 Pie, Android 10, Android Red Velvet Cake, v12 Snow Cone or the latest version.

What’s new inside FiLMiC Pro v6.20.5:

Redesigned from the ground up, Filmic Pro v7 provides filmmakers, newscasters, teachers, vloggers, and social media content creators with the most powerful and intuitive cinema camera experience available, with a full suite of advanced yet easy-to-use features.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by writing to — and if you enjoy filming with Filmic Pro, please leave us a positive review on the App Store.


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