BatteryOne: Battery Premium 1.6.1 (Unlocked apk)

BatteryOne: Battery Premium 1.6.1 (Unlocked apk)

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unlocked version, premium and complete app worth $13.99 for Free.
Name BatteryOne: Battery
Version 1.6.1
Compatible with Android 7.1 or latest
Updated Dec 21, 2023
MOD Premium Features Unlocked
Size 16.32 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Download BatteryOne: Battery Premium apk v1.6.1 for Android.
The premium version unlocked professional features.

Battery is one of the most important hardware components for smartphones. Nowadays all the popular smartphone manufacturers trying to increase the battery capacity. However, using a phone incorrectly and not following battery health tips can decrease the battery performance.

BatteryOne: Battery Premium app info:

BatteryOne: Battery is a useful application for displaying information and percentage of Android battery health. This app was developed by Оne and published on Google Play. More than 100K+ users already installed this app. From here [] you can download the latest BatteryOne: Battery Premium apk 1.6.1 with complete features unlocked.

BatteryOne: Battery Premium apk

Display battery information

BatteryOne app comes with the complete package of Android phone battery information display tools, because everything you need in the field of battery is provided to you. One of the most important information displayed in this Android application is the health of the battery.

Using a professional and advanced algorithm, this app helps its users measure the health of their smartphone battery and know how long it will take for their battery to wear out.

Charging Information

BatteryOne: Battery Premium app does not only monitor the battery but also helps you to monitor charging information. This professional tool displays the charging voltage percentage, temperature, battery life predictions, etc., which can be very useful at times.

professional features unlocked

Ampere percentage and high voltage, temperature increase, inappropriate charging cables, etc. are other things that can affect the battery life of your Android smartphone; Therefore, you will be able to easily find out about this with the help of the BatteryOne: Battery app and increase the life of the battery significantly by fixing any problems.

Built-in widgets:

The developers of this application have provided a set of widgets for users to access the displayed information as quickly as possible; Widgets that are easily customizable and you can make the changes you need about the information displayed in them. All information is stored in the database over time, which can be effective in increasing the accuracy of displayed information.

Key Features:

  • Display the charging or discharging rate of the phone battery
  • Calculate the actual capacity of the battery and its health
  • Providing detailed information about the duration of using the phone by the current charge percentage
  • Prediction of battery wear in the long term
  • Using new and professional algorithms for measurements and display information
  • Make various changes to the displayed information
  • Display battery temperature graph
  • Battery wear graph in the last weeks
  • Having access to various customizable widgets

Download BatteryOne: Battery Premium 1.6.1 apk

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Installation Requirements: Android 7.1 or latest
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