File Name SMS Auto Reply Pro – SMS Autoresponder- Auto SMS
Developer LeMi Apps
Package Name com.lemi.smsautoreplytextmessagepro
Current Version 7.8.6
Updated On May 7, 2020
Minimum Requirement 5.0 and up
Safety Check Safe
Official Link PlayStore

Download Latest SMS Auto Reply – SMS Autoresponder – Auto SMS PRO v7.8.6
Auto Answering Software for SMS and Calls Android [Full Paid]

Automotive Response PRO SMS software for you to work, ride, meet, watch movies, sleep, go to class, and more. Texts to the missed calls and SMS replies automatically. Calling services such as JaxtrSMS, Scydo, Styropy, FooTalk, UppTalk, Way2SMS and much more are also available. So, it’s not a stupid idea to use this automation software, to become an active responder.

If you like to always reply for some specific or group of contacts or all of your contacts, then this SMS Auto Reply Pro surely helps. When you are unable to reply due to office, college class, or some silent place then this software will send the reply as yourself.

Features of SMS Auto Reply Pro – SMS Autoresponder Software:

  • Set multiple profiles for the automatic response (one for driving, one for sleep, one for class, etc.).
  • Each profile has its own settings (vibrate for a meeting, completely silent during sleep, etc.)
  • The automatic text response period is activated on a specific day and time based on a schedule.
  • Option to set time, days of the week, weekly repetition
  • Emergency list – Calls to people you receive in any way
  • Personal list – People you want to auto-reply with a personalized message
  • Non-auto-reply list – A list From SMS / calls to people you do not want to reply to;
  • Automatic reply only to calls and SMS from your contacts;
  • Automatic reply only to calls and SMS other than your contacts;
  • Also, an automatic text reply only contacts
  • Auto Text Reply to Messages
  • Set Ringer Mode to Silent Auto SMS Mode
  • Set Vibrate Mode to Silent Auto SMS Mode
  • Send only one reply to each contact during Auto Answer Mode
  • Archive of sent text messages; block auto-reply SMS to Facebook notifications;
  • Virtually no battery power, CPU and RAM time;
  • Manual status – set its default status on / off manually;
  • Widget on / off with one touch
  • Set alarms for ending the state – for the “sleeping”
  • TTS – text-to-speech service for incoming messages
  • Widget – Information + Brief index
  • And More…

This automation software is a product of LeMi Apps / Small Business SMS Marketing for Android 5.0 or the latest version. More than 1,000+ premium installations make this app popular which got 3.8/5 average users rating on Google PlayStore.

Download SMS Auto Reply Pro 7.8.6 APK [Full Paid]

What’s new inside v7.8.6

  • Fixed known reported issues
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