Tap Tap Dig 2 Mod apk 0.6.1 (Unlimited Gold)

Tap Tap Dig 2 Mod apk 0.6.1 (Unlimited Gold)

Category: Games , Simulation
Offline Game, Mod version (no reduction of gold coins if used) [Tested]
Name Tap Tap 2: Idle Mine Sim
Version 0.6.1
Compatible with Android 5.0 or latest
Updated Oct 10, 2023
MOD Unlimited Gold
Size 44 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Download Tap Tap Dig 2 Mod apk v0.6.1 – Idle Mine Sim game for Android.
Mod apk packed with free unlimited gold.

Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim Mod apk

Tap Tap Dig 2 [Mod]

Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim offers similar design and features to its first edition but with new facilities, characters, and a fresh approach. As a Chi miner, your goal in the game is to dig deep into the earth, uncovering gems and diamonds to become a multi-billionaire. The game follows the same pattern as other games in the Idle Clicker genre, without a specific storyline. If you enjoy Idle Clicker games, you will surely enjoy this one!

Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim is a game that has a simple set of rules. At the start, you dig the ground with basic tools, and each layer of terrain disappears after taking some damage. You move on to the next level, and as you progress, you unlock new items and venture into lower levels. Each destroyed layer gives you money and coins, and you might even come across special items like diamonds.


The Tap Tap Dig 2 Mod apk 0.6.1 gameplay is simple, yet incredibly enjoyable. The game has two main parts. Firstly, you tap the screen to make the main character hit the ground with a pickaxe. The faster and harder you tap, the more damage you cause, and the higher your score. Secondly, you earn money between levels that you can use to increase the character’s power and energy, resulting in more damage every time you hit the ground.

free unlimited gold

As you progress in the game, you acquire more characters to assist you in the digging process. Once unlocked, the characters will automatically start digging without your intervention, allowing the game process to continue even if you close the app.

The game doesn’t have a specific goal, but the fun and interesting feeling it provides as you progress through the game and increase its speed and overall productivity can be incredibly satisfying.

Download Tap Tap Dig 2 Mod apk [0.6.1, Unlimited Gold]

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Installation Requirements: Android 5.0 or latest
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