Swift Installer – Themes & color engine is an amazing theme engine specially for root users and custom ROM’s. This theme launcher has its own theme & color engine. Now you can install and tweak Swift Themes all about it. You can almost endlessly pick the colors, because for dark contexts and stresses you can insert your preferred hex color code. Currently, approximately 200 apps are the topic.

Swift Installer - Themes & color engine

Wha is Swift Installer – Themes & color engine:

Android is an Open Source operating system and thus we can easily find many unofficial versions of it on the Internet, apart from the official versions. These unofficial variants are known as custom ROMs and are often popular with millions of people. These are the most popular. These unofficial versions typically have more features and functions than Android’s official versions, and often they look even more attractive. Cyanogen Mod which is one of the most popular custom ROM for Android because of its custom theme engines. Cyanogen Theme Engine allowed users to modify their operating system interface in a wide variety of ways. And this custom ROM currently gets no more updates from the developers. This is why this ROM which installs by millions of peoples, starts losing its users. Swift Installer – Themes & color engine app can give a new life to these types of custom ROM’s. And now the developer again reworking their ROM with this theme engine.

The Swift Installer – Themes & color engine also known as substratum engine. Apart from custom ROMs works on most of the main ROMs, so you can install and alter its appearance to add beautiful themes to your device. The software itself is released by its designers entirely free, but it is developed and released by other development teams. They are also charged, and a large sum needs to be paid to install it.

Hundreds of Themed Color engines:

Swift Installer – Themes & color engine gives your phone a rare, exclusive look with substratum themes at no cost. Today, we provide you with a paid edition of this app. This theme is can also take the place of a substrate engine and in addition to the custom ROMs, it works on most major ROMs. By installing this app on the device and changing its look in general you can add beautiful subjects. The software itself has been released by its designers completely free, but other development teams create and publish its themes so they also pay and you need to pay a large sum to install them. This leads us to give your smartphone a rare, exclusive look with substratum themes at no cost.

The theme engine is also known as the substratum engine and, aside from custom ROMs, runs on most of the main ROMs. So you can mount and modify its appearance to add beautiful themes to your smartphone. The software itself offers by its authors for free, but the developer companies and publishers charge for this app. They are also charged, and a large fee needs to be charged to access it.

Key Features:

  • Includes a variety of themes
  • Includes color engine with endless options of dark colors
  • Easy and fast update system. No need to reinstall for each update

Substratum themes for free to give your device a special and unique look. Today we are at your service with a paid theme of this type of theme. Using this theme, you can pick various as well as desired colors for different parts of your phone’s user interface and give it a beautiful and attractive look. The icons of the quick access notifications section can also change with this program and get a new and fresh look.

Note: Its require Root access permission to use this app

Installation File: Swift Installer – Themes & color engine

File Size: 9.5 and 34 MB
Installation Requirements: Android 8.0 – 8.1 (Oreo), v9 Pie, Android 10, or latest version.

Latest Version Changelogs

Notable changes:
+ Added support for new apps updates
+ Full changelog is accessible from the three-dot menu after updating the app!
+ Stay tuned for new awesome updates!

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