Railway Tycoon Mod 1.530 (Unlimited Money, Rewards)

Railway Tycoon Mod 1.530 (Unlimited Money, Rewards)

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Your money and diamonds will not reduce when using.
Name Railway Tycoon - Idle Game
Version 1.530.5086
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Updated May 31, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money + Rewards
Size 79 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Download Railway Tycoon – Idle Game Mod apk v1.530 for Android,
Mod version packed with free unlimited money + rewards.

Railway Tycoon Mod apk

Railway Tycoon Mod gameplay:

Railway Tycoon is a fun management game from the category of simulation. This game was developed by the Hong Kong studio DailyFun. Your task during the game is to develop and expand this train station.

The initial parts of the game are educational and so that you can get to know the various parts of this title. So don’t worry if you don’t even have any experience in these types of games, because you can learn the general process of the game very quickly and easily.

Here are some of the rules that should guide your operations:

  • Always Make Your Customers Happy. You should have comfortable seats, leisure zones, clean restrooms, and other essentials all the time.
  • Make Your Trains On Time. If your trains are always late, you lose customers in no time. Even if it’s just a few minutes delayed, they will be upset.
  • Don’t Allow Vandalism in Your Train Station. Set up security cameras and alarms when your station is already complete.

Complete Train Management:

In this game, you have many responsibilities. You have to develop your train station in the best possible way and add new parts to it. You can provide different trains and provide the best possible experience for customers by launching different parts.

For example, you can set up shops inside the station for passengers to use while waiting for the train to arrive. In the same way, you have the possibility to provide various services to customers by launching more sections in Railway Tycoon – Idle Game and thus earn more money.

With the earned money, you will be able to launch new services or upgrade other parts of your train station. This beautiful game with cartoon designs and smooth gameplay is a suitable option for fans of management and simulation-style games.

Tips on How to Play Idle Railway Tycoon Like a Pro

As an entrepreneur, you must first come up with a business model that is uniquely yours. You have to know your clients well before delivering the best train service for them.

Once you’ve decided on your approach, you should put all your energy into executing it properly. If it means securing permits from local authorities, do so. Even if some rules are restrictive, always remember that your goal is to have an efficient railway.

Before you begin operations, survey the area first. That way, you can use the right materials and avoid unnecessary expenses. Also, be sure to work with reliable suppliers for your materials.

Now it’s time to put everything together and start operations. Let everyone know that you’re open for business. Ensure that everything goes well from day one until the very end.

Diversify Your Income Streams

When you already have huge track work, add more trains and routes or set up express services. You can also use ad placements in your station or run commercial shops for additional profit.

If possible, you can also add eateries to the station. This way, your customers can buy snacks and drinks, which will add to your revenue.

There’s so much to discover in Idle Railway Tycoon! You can unlock special upgrades with in-app purchases, such as the ability to set up ticket booths and fences. No matter how things go, always remember that patience is key when it comes.

Unique Features of Railway Tycoon Mod

The game has outstanding features that make it stand out from the rest. They include:

  • High level of automation
  • A wide variety of trains
  • Many unlockable routes (more than 100)
  • Availability of idle gold coins, cash, and other treasures even when you are offline

Superior Graphics and Sound Systems

Idle railway tycoon comes with HD graphics and cool sound effects making it a fun and exciting game you can play on your phone or tablet.

The game is available for free download in Google Play, and it does not require special permissions! However, it offers in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 – $99.99 per item.


Train games are a hit nowadays, and Idle Railway Tycoon is simply one of the best there is! It increases your knowledge about trains and how to manage them.

The graphics and sound effects will keep you hooked for hours as you beat each level and unlock new things. There’s so much to do that the game never gets old even after countless hours of gameplay!

Download Railway Tycoon Mod apk [Unlimited Money + Rewards]

Note: In the mod version, your money and diamonds are not infinite, but only their amount is not reduced when used!

Download Link:

Installation Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
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