Download Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk v1.21.0 Game with Data for Android

Mortal Kombat X is one most popular action and Mortal Kombat warriors android game. The Mortal Kombat X game is the first time and officially released for Android and iOS platforms. These versions Mortal Kombat game is coming to warriors and participate in the most brutal struggles on Earth and try to survive gameplay. The Mortal Kombat X has shaken the base and its mobile version is highly graphical and attractive. In this game, you can create your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters. Then you can lead them into battle to earn experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts. So Download Now this game and start your missions.

Mortal Kombat x Games that it’s one of the biggest in the action part. And this also comes with some of the most different also popular figures of our childhood. In this game, you will have a broad list of popular actors that you can take from also access to exciting events. with this game, you can collect Mortal Kombat veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, and many others. Discover the newest additions to Mortal Kombat such as the insect-like D’Vorah, fiery Cassie Cage, bloodthirsty Kotal Khan, also the mysterious Kung Jin.

This Mortal Kombat X game is offered by Warner Bros. International Enterprises on Google PlayStore with 4.4 average users rating as well as a large number of downloads. With 100 million global users, Bring the power of next-gen gaming to your mobile as well as the tablet device with this visually groundbreaking fighting also card collection game. Assemble an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors also prove yourself in the greatest fighting tournament on Earth. It works with Android 4.0.3 or latest version.

Features of Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk v1.21.0:

  • Extremely high graphics in the console gaming graphics.
  • Unparalleled also highly professional gameplay.
  • There are some popular Mortal Kombat characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage also…
  • It has a fictional story also the sequel to the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition.
  • With professional and breathtaking struggles.
  • Ability to use special movements, combo, various forces also…
  • The ability to perform Fatality and X-Ray with stunning kinematic effects.
  • Has a Multiplayer also online gaming feature.
  • Added new characters.
  • And more of features…

Customization comes to Mortal Kombat X Mobile game is complete tasks through gameplay to unlock character customizations in FEATS OF STRENGTH. Win your battles to show off your personality with combinations of Victory Stances, Victory Taunts, and War banners. That’s not all. Unlocking Feats of Strength also gives you a permanent stat increase for that character.

Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk v1.21.0 Download Link:

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Changes of Kombat X Mod Apk v1.21.0:
  • Four brutal Halloween and Day of the Dead characters!
  • Available through special Halloween Challenge events.
  • Added limited-time only Halloween Character Packs
  • Current limited-time only Halloween Feats of Strength Pack.
  • New Equipment including Shang Tsung’s Stone and Rusty Chainsaw.
  • New rewards for watching video ads.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

[su_spoiler title=”Screenshots ” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle”][appbox googleplay][/su_spoiler]

The Mortal Kombat X is a MOD and hacked version game. With this Mortal Kombat X Mod version, you can access unlimited money and some extra features.

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