Middle Earth Heroes + Mod apk v1.3.7 for Android,
Mod edition includes unlimited prizes without watching ads

Middle Earth Heroes + Mod 1.3.7 apk Game Story:

Middle Earth Heroes is an adventure genre game with straightforward gameplay, and its mechanisms are not very complicated. This game takes you on a grand adventure where you have to fight the forces of darkness and rid the Middle East of them.

Middle Earth Heroes Hacked apk

On the other side of the continent, a dark force is coming to life. Demon King Hashim led a group of dark forces in a war against mankind. Mage Michel was able to get the light stone after he passed the test of the gods. It has the effect of blocking the power of darkness. The young heroes learned how to use different kinds of light, and they began to take over Hashim.

Fight against darkness and magics:

During your play in the most distant regions of Middle-earth, dark forces are coming out. There has been a war between the forces of darkness and people because the king of darkness, Hashim, has led them. People in the Middle East were taken over by forces of darkness in a few years. After passing the test of the gods, a sorcerer named “Michel” was able to get “Light Stone.” Magic stones can break the power of darkness. “Michel” cut the magical stone into four pieces and gave each one to a hero.

In this Middle Earth Heroes mod game, a magic stone gave each hero a different kind of power. It’s now that the heroes have begun their journey to destroy the King of Darkness. While this isn’t the most original storyline you’ve ever seen, it still has a lot of interesting things going on in it. It also makes you want to go into the game and fight monsters and other weird things. The game’s combat system, on the other hand, is very cleverly thought out and new and creative, and it gives you a lot of gameplay options.

Easy to control & level-up:

The Middle Earth Heroes Mod game’s combat system is very cleverly designed and new, creative, and gives you a lot of gameplay features. Your hero moves this way using the virtual joystick embedded at the bottom of the screen.

Middle Earth Heroes Unlimited Prize

When there are no enemies on the map, a portal opens, and you can take the hero to the portal and enter the next stage. When the hero stands somewhere and is proven, he automatically attacks the enemies.

Destroy enemies and receive prizes:

In the Middle Earth Heroes mod apk game, destroying enemies increases the “XP” standard of the hero. When this benchmark is fully met, the champion rolls up and can learn new skills and improve his abilities. Skills level will help you to overcome the enemies more easily.

As in most games of this type, you can get coins and other things. There are six menus in the game’s interface, and all of them work exactly as you expect them to. That isn’t the only important menu. The hero menu is important. There are four heroes or four classes in this game that you can choose from at the end of it all. As I said before, each of these heroes has its own abilities and traits.

4 different skill sets:

Each time the champion comes up, you can choose from four skills that are chosen at random. After a few stages, you usually meet an angel who gives you things like “HP” standard recovery. Killing people also gives you a chance to get things. This is why you should kill enemies. There are drops in this pack that helps you meet the “MP” requirements. At a certain point, you can perform a “Ultimate” skill, which means that you have a lot of “MP.” When you double-tap the virtual joystick, you can do this skill.

Middle Earth Heroes Mod apk

Warrior: Melee class possessing major physical attack, defense, and stamina. Able to change the class into Berserker, Knight, and Swordsman.

Archer: Class with the furthest attack range. His precision marksmanship and agility make him a nightmare for his foes. Able to change the class into Marksman, Ranger, and Rogue.

Mage: Ranged class with AoE damage and destructive power. Able to change the class into Firewaker, Icedriver, and Thunderwaker.

Summoner: Controls phantom beasts in battle by signing spiritual pacts with them. Able to change the class into Vampire, Deathmage, and Beastmaster.

Key Features of Middle Earth Heroes 1.3.7 + Mod:

This great gameplay, along with stunning graphics as well as unique sound, will bring you an exciting and fun experience, without a doubt. Some of the key features are

  • Single-player! Multiplayer team cooperation!
  • 4 hero class,12 change type
  • More than 300+ skills and ability
  • Exclusive talent tree
  • 52 suits, 320 gears, free combination.
  • RogueLike action game
  • Hundreds of well-designed monsters and boss
  • Offline playing
  • TLOR

Download Middle Earth Heroes 1.3.7 + Mod APK with Unlimited Prize hack:

Middle Earth Heroes game developed by Revontulet Soft Inc [China]. This game has been downloaded by more than 100,000+ users from Google PlayStore. You can download the latest regular version as well as the mod apk including unlimited prize without ad viewing.

Download Links:

File Size: 176 and 168 MB
Installation Requirements: Android v7.0 – 7.1 (Nougat), 8.0 – 8.1 (Oreo), v9 Pie, Android 10, Android Red Velvet Cake, v12 Snow Cone or latest version.

What’s new inside Middle Earth Heroes v1.3.7:

  1. New Team Co-op Chapter.
  2. Guild chat.

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