Impossible Space Mod apk v1.9.6 – A Space Hero for Android,
Mod edition with Invincible Character (never die) hack

Impossible Space: A Space Hero is an interesting arcade and role-playing game in the action style for the Android operating system. For some time now, more classic and arcade styles have been seen in today’s mobile games, and contrary to what everyone thought, simple and even trivial games still have an important place among mobile players, and it does not seem that this style from games give way to bulky games, graphics, and the new generation because these types of games have always had and will have many fans. Impossible Space mod game is exactly one of these games, of course, its general nature is based on popular and famous games. But the approach of the creators of this game is different from the mentioned games and its theme has changed from a legendary game mode to a science fiction game.

Impossible Space 1.9.6 + Mod Game Story:

Explore dozens of planets and hundreds of stages in this Impossible Space Mod game to figure out how to go through the gruesomely impossible space. When the end of the world is nigh, and you may be the last human on Earth, only a person with unwavering faith and even more powerful weaponry can find a way to save the day.

The sole soldier who can battle the space apocalypse is awakened in you, a laser-shooting beast, the final hero of our galaxy, as invincible as a tank. Those who enjoy top-down shooters, action RPGs, and unending hordes of monsters should download and play Impossible Space right away! You’re a hero, and the world needs you! Your rescuer of the universe is up to you. Run and gun with different heroes with specific powers and increase your character’s talents to become the space freedom warrior that we all need.

Impossible Space: A Space Hero game developed by X3M Games Ltd.[Israel]. More than 1 million Android users already downloaded this game from Google PlayStore. From here ( you can download the latest mod edition with invincible character hack.

How to Play:

To play, you just use a virtual controller to control the game’s main character while viewing the action from a vantage point above the ground. You must shake the map in order to avoid enemy fire and target them more accurately. What you’re facing is a group of aliens that use a variety of weaponry in their attacks. As a result, your primary concern should be avoiding and eluding hostile fire.

Give archery and bows a rest and use the trouble-free autofire shotgun, the precise fail-safe laser, or the lethal bazooka as your trustworthy friends and unleash true bullet-hell on aliens. Rather than a fanciful continent, explore the vastness of the cosmos in Impossible Space Mod. You’ll take on the role of a hero on a quest across strange worlds, where you’ll have to deal with a variety of difficulties. This explorer braves the uncharted worlds, unaware that they are inhabited by hostile aliens. You can’t go back now that you’ve taken this perilous journey! As a result, prepare to go on one of your most perilous journeys yet by drawing your weapon of choice.

Features of Impossible Space: A Space Hero + Mod:

Super Cool Graphics: Get ready to explore stunning landscapes with spectacular riches. Also has a variety of creatures as well as great heroes in a sci-fi setting!

Powerful Weapons: It’s time to unleash your arsenal of powerful weaponry and show the invaders what genuine bullet hell is all about. You may put away your bow and arrows now; it’s time for the real deal! Shotguns, rocket launchers, and bazookas are just a few of the hundreds of weaponry available.

Explore the Cosmos: Take a journey through the solar system with magnificent visuals and futuristic animations that will transport you to distant worlds.

Easy and Simple Controls: Your final hero must dodge enemy attacks with lethal bullet storms, defeat huge bosses and play anywhere and anytime with just one finger – you either shoot or move.

Update equipment and skills: It’s easier than ever to update all your warrior gear and create the ultimate fighter with our one-of-a-kind equipment upgrading system. Get better and better at fending off space invaders by leveling up and combining your abilities and gear.

Action-packed arcade gaming with a twist: Hundreds of levels, each with its own creatures and weaponry. And it ensures that each run is completely unique. You only have one life every run, so either make your hero a tank that can withstand anything or a great hunter that can dodge opposing strikes to win.

Offline gameplay: You can play the Impossible Space mod game without an internet connection.  All your progress will be saved on your mobile device when you do so. Having a network connection is necessary for daily gaming bonuses.

Download Link: Impossible Space 1.9.6 + Mod apk

File Size: 101 and 127 MB
Installation Requirements: Android 5.0 – 5.1.1 (Lollipop), Marshmallow (v6.0 – 6.0.1), v7.0 – 7.1 (Nougat), 8.0 – 8.1 (Oreo), v9 Pie, Android 10, Android Red Velvet Cake, v12 Snow Cone or latest version.

What’s new inside v1.9.6 :

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Game Images [ Impossible Space Mod ]:

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