Download iFake: Funny Fake Messages Pro 6.5.2 for Free

Download iFake: Funny Fake Messages Pro 6.5.2 for Free

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Free professional and full version app
Name iFake: Funny Fake Messages
Version 6.5.2
Compatible with Android 7.0 and up
Updated Mar 27, 2023
MOD Unlocked Features
Size 40.2 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

iFake: Funny Fake Messages Pro apk v6.5.2 – a professional application for creating fake chats for Android.
Free download professional and fully unlocked version.

Have you ever wanted to prank your friends by sending them a fake text message from a famous celebrity or a politician? Or perhaps you wanted to create a fake conversation with your crush to make them laugh? If so, iFake Pro is the perfect app for you. In this post, we will explain this application’s information, and features as well as the latest premium apk download links.

iFake: Funny Fake Messages

iFake Pro 6.5.2 App Info:

iFake: Funny Fake Messages is a professional application for creating fake chats. With the help of this app, you can create fake chats anytime and anywhere and share them with your friends. One of the most important features of this app is the support of various messengers and popular social networks. Among the most popular social media, we can use Telegram, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

You don’t need to do anything special to start making fake chats. Just choose the program you want and then start typing the text of your conversations with each person. The important and interesting thing is the super personalization of conversations, which even helps to use the profile picture of the desired user and add it to your chat page. Another important point that distinguishes this startup from other similar programs available in the Android marketIt supports group chats. This means that chats in different groups can also be simulated and a very high-quality screenshot can be created from them.

iFake: Funny Fake Messages Pro apk

Once you make a project inside this app, you can send your projects again if needed and make changes or even add conversations to them. Finally, we should mention that in addition to creating fake chats, a special feature is also available. This feature is as if you have received a message from a certain person and the notification is displayed on the lock screen of your smartphone.

How does iFake work?

iFake is very easy to use. After you download the app, you can select a pre-made conversation template or create your own custom conversation. You can customize the sender and receiver’s name, profile picture, and message content. You can even add a timestamp to make the conversation look more realistic.

Send Fake Masages

Once you have created your fake conversation, you can save it to your device, share it on social media, or send it as a text message. The recipient will receive the fake message as if it was sent from the real sender.

Why use iFake Pro?

iFake is a fun and harmless way to prank your friends and family. You can create fake conversations with famous celebrities, politicians, or even fictional characters. The app is also great for creating funny memes and social media posts.

In addition to being a fun prank tool, iFake can also be used for more serious purposes. For example, you can use it to create fake conversations as evidence in a legal case or to test the loyalty of your partner.

iFake Pro Unlocked apk

Key Features:

  • Creating fake chats and messages in a very short period of time with very high accuracy
  • Support for all kinds of messengers and popular social networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
  • Creating fake group chats with unlimited users
  • Dark screen mode
  • Personalization of fake chats at very high levels
  • Saving projects in the program with the possibility of re-accessing them and re-editing them
  • Creating fake messages and displaying their notifications on the lock screen

Download iFake Pro 6.5.2 apk [Unlocked]

Download Link:

Installation Requirements: Android 7.0 and up


iFake Pro is a fun and entertaining app that allows you to create fake conversations and messages. It is easy to use, and it offers many customizable features. Whether you want to prank your friends or create funny memes, iFake is the perfect tool for you.

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