Guild of Heroes Mod apk v1.130.4 – Super attractive role-playing battle for Android.
Mod added unlimited shopping and skills are not exhausted

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG game info:

Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG is a popular role-playing fantasy and stunning game in the style of action games – role-playing! In this game, you can experience a role-playing action game in an imaginary and attractive world!

Guild of Heroes unlimited shopping

It’s time to join a group of heroes and fight against the bad guys in a fantasy world full of adventure and danger! Yes, there is a place where you can rise to the top of fame and glory. When you want to defeat one enemy after another, you’ll need to get better at your skills, use a wide range of tools and abilities, and practice swordsmanship and magic spells, among other things.

Fight in a fantasy world:

Here, you can play in many different places, like massive flatlands, dense forests, caves, and endless dungeons. Look around and get rid of any enemies you find in your way; then, you can move on. To get rid of the enemies, you need to find their flaws! There are hundreds of different tools and weapons that you can use to help you and your heroes fight off the bad guys! Guild of Heroes mod apk is an excellent game for users who like role-playing games. Do not miss it!

Guild of Heroes mod apk will give players access to a vast fantasy world that has a mythical atmosphere and a lot of hidden beauty to look at. Furthermore, it is made up of many different continents and environments, which makes for various combat environments, enemies, resources, and other content.


The map will also keep growing as the player progresses, with new battles, levels, enemies, bosses, and other story elements added. There are a lot of magical stories that have happened on each land. The player can sit back and hear them, which will help them find the forgotten treasures that have been lost for a long time. There are advantages to the game because of how the world grows. At the same time, it always has fun and exciting things to do that keep player interested.

Various Game Character with Unique Features:

The game provides players with four distinct character classes to choose from, each affecting the weapons and equipment they can employ. You will take on one of the game’s four primary class character roles. The characters were a witch, an archer, a warrior, and an assassin. If you are a Witch, you wish to change your profession to Archer. You do not need to update the character, only the items associated with it. While it will never be as powerful as a genuine Archer, you will avoid having to play it again.

Guild of Heroes Mod apk

Guild of Heroes Mod game differentiates and distinguishes each character class through an innovative career structure. Each activity is designed to respond and adapt precisely to the player’s choice or style. Additionally, players will have access to numerous new skill systems for each activity and the ability to create a different plan for experiencing the game for an extended period. The career system is the game’s centerpiece, enriching and engaging each adventuring group like never before.

Different Game Modes:

Like most other role-playing games, Guild of Heroes mod apk offers two primary game modes: PvE and PvP. The task system of the game will transport you to this realm. You’ll fight your way through secret caves, enormous deserts, and the forest.

Defeating Boss will get you a slew of valuable items. After completing a quest, you can suspend the game entirely and resume it another day. You are not required to play for hours to achieve the objective. This enables you to play this game in the most comfortable manner possible.

Guild of Heroes Hack

Additionally, the PvP option allows you to compete against other players. They are also formidable masters warriors who are challenging to defeat. Because they possess the same ability and techniques as you, you can also lose if you make a single error. Do not surrender, as the game is infinite. Continue practicing, fighting, and recovering stronger.

Easy but challenging Controls:

The game’s control system is simple. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or a newcomer, mastering the games takes practice. You’re intelligently combining the character’s abilities to construct devastating combinations that deal massive amounts of damage. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you learned or referred to the play of other players.

The higher your level, the more powerful skills you can learn in Guild of Heroes. However, many players see a noticeable difference in power between players and the Boss. The crit hit of a boss is 70000 dame, but your HP is…53000. As a result, you must take your game extremely seriously and play professionally!

Download Guild of Heroes + Mod APK with Free Shopping and No Skills CD:

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG game developed by BIT.GAMES [Cyprus]. More than 10,000,000+ players from all around the world installed this game as per Google PlayStore installation data only. From here you can directly download the latest Guild of Heroes Mod apk + original version apk file for free.

Download Links:

File Size: 319 and 185 MB
Installation Requirements: Android 5.0 – 5.1.1 (Lollipop), Marshmallow (v6.0 – 6.0.1), v7.0 – 7.1 (Nougat), 8.0 – 8.1 (Oreo), v9 Pie, Android 10, Android Red Velvet Cake, v12 Snow Cone or latest version.

What’s new inside Guild of Heroes mod apk v1.130.4 :

  • Get a new unique skin, the Lady-Killer.
  • Fight action-packed battles in the gloomy graveyard!
  • Earn Equipment Tokens that can be used to buy legendary set items!
  • Take part in daily tournaments to get new wings, treads, enchantment tomes, and other rewards!
  • Also, you can get infinity resources, shiny gems, runes, gold, and other rewards as you complete the event!

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