FineReader PDF Pro-PDF Document Scanner App + OCR v15.2.1.11 for Android.
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What is FineReader PDF Pro apk

FineReader PDF Pro is a powerful and versatile document scanner app for Android. It can also convert PDF files into office format files with quick operation right on mobile! The document, after converting, has complete accuracy compared to the original.

FineReader PDF Pro-PDF Document Scanner App + OCR

It’s a professional scanner and pdf to office converter app, which helps convert PDF files or images to text with high accuracy. It comes with many handy features in PDF file formats. FineReader Pro has a total of 5 main features.

AI Document Scanner:

FineReader PDF Pro can scan not only documents but also receipts, business cards, and books. Although it may be difficult to believe, the features of this app offer it several times higher than CamScanner. As previously stated, one of the most appealing aspects of this lovely program is its usage of artificial intelligence.

This artificial intelligence enables your loved ones to scan your files with extreme precision and thoroughly memorize the details. The scanned files are accessible in two formats: pdf and jpeg, the use of which is entirely dependent on you and your requirements.

Convert PDF, Images, and Scanned Files:

FineReader Pro is an application with built-in OCR technology that allows you to convert PDF, image, and scanned files into editable formats like Word and Excel… Following that, you will be able to more easily refer to, modify, copy, and share information.


OCR – Optical Character Recognition – is a specialist technological application used to read text from image files. It operates on the following principle: scan over the image and utilize optical reflection effects to blacken the letters and image points on the original file, then output as characters or images. As a result, we have files that can be edited. This is also FineReader Pro’s first and most important function.

OCR for text extraction:

One of the essential features that FineReader PDF Pro provides to its users is extracting text from scanned files. As the best Android scanner globally, the above app can identify texts in 193 languages ​​and pull them into 12 text formats such as word, txt, Xls, and more. The built-in OCR technology is the latest update, so the converted documents are usually almost absolutely accurate compared to the originals (except in cases where the sources are too bad).

FineReader PDF Pro apk free download

It may be unbelievable, but you will not need the Internet, unlike much similar software to extract text from images. By connecting this software to cloud servers, all files are automatically saved in Google Drive after scanning so that you can reaccess them if needed.

The FineReader PDF Pro app is also integrated with ADRT technology. It helps maintain the structure, layout, format, and retouch all files after conversion. Essential elements such as size, font style, tables, diagrams, image details, headers, footers, page margins, footnotes, table of contents, numbering… are all kept the same and displayed almost entirely accurately.

Attractive and Smart Gallery:

One of the attractive and practical features of FineReader PDF Pro is the Smart Document Gallery, which puts scanned files or extracted text into seven specific categories. All you have to do is scan your favorite files and categorize them in this software.

Unlike many similar scanners available in the Android Market, there is an option to scan multi-page documents. With this option, you can quickly scan your multi-page papers or books and download them as a pdf file.


In addition, the automatic scanning system performs the task of capturing images completely automatically! You no longer need to touch the screen when activating the camera. To start the camera and scan the next page, just flip through the documents. Its intelligent system recognized the borders and saved them in your smartphone memory.

Key Features of FineReader PDF Pro

  • Scan all kinds of documents, business cards, articles, and more in pdf or jpeg files
  • Scan the texts in the documents and extract them in the form of TXT files
  • Use the fantastic OCR feature and extract text documents supporting 193 different languages.
  • Provide the output of extracted text in 12 different formats
  • Use artificial intelligence to provide results with very high accuracy.
  • Connect the application to cloud servers and create a backup copy of all your data
  • Innovative gallery to classify information into seven different groups
  • Search for images based on the text in them
  • Ability to scan documents in multi-page mode
  • Supersystem for automatic identification and scanning of documents without the need to touch the screen
  • Access to several different filters when scanning documents
  • Use different tags for saved documents

Export and share files:

You can export the output file in various formats such as DOCX, ODT, RTF, XSLX, PPTX, HTML, EPUB, and FB2. You can easily export through the Export tool in FineReader Pro.

After converting the PDF file into a suitable format, you can easily share the finished file through the share option. You can directly share files using mail, Whatsapp, Bluetooth, Drive, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk and more.

Download FineReader PDF Pro apk for Free:

FineReader PDF Pro-PDF Document Scanner App + OCR app developed by ABBYY Mobile [USA]. It’s a premium and very expensive app that costs around 28.99 dollars. Still, it has more than 5,000+ installations from the official Google PlayStore. You can directly download the latest FineReader PDF Pro apk file for free from here.

Download Links:

File Size: 158.29 MB
Installation Requirements: Android Jelly Bean, v4.4 – 4.4.4 (KitKat), 5.0 – 5.1.1 (Lollipop), Marshmallow (v6.0 – 6.0.1), v7.0 – 7.1 (Nougat), 8.0 – 8.1 (Oreo), v9 Pie, Android 10, Android Red Velvet Cake, v12 Snow Cone or latest version.

What’s new inside v15.2.1.11 :

  • Minimum supported OS is Android 8.
  • New color of the icon.
  • Updated design of the purchase screen.
    Important in previous updates:
  • Bulk export: choose all documents you need and share them at once.
  • For quick access to the gallery we added a Gallery button to the My documents screen.

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