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From the title of this game, we can assure that its a very fun and interesting drawing game. The Dumb Ways To Draw + Mod is a very fun game, where you will draw various shape and lines to complete different tasks. But it’s not only a very funny game, here must need to apply your cleaver tactics to draw the paints.

Dumb Ways To Draw is a fun as well as an exciting game in which you have to help the hero of this game. Use a pencil and eraser to cross a path full of traps and various threats. You have to draw several paths and objects to open the way for the characters to cross the path ahead. The gameplay system of this game is not new and it was previously played in Brain It On! – We’ve seen Physics Puzzles.

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Ways to Play the Dumb Ways To Draw Mod Android Game:

  • In this game, you need to overcome the threats before the timer down to zero.
  • If you are unable to cross the threats in a timely manner, the warrior loses his life in the strangest way possible.
  • The result of combining this blatant violence with humorous spin-offs and mediocre puzzles has become a title that, though not without objections.
  • The game put you on the risky adventure of their characters.
  • Look the challenge, use the sharp idea to matching lines and complete task.

Features of Play the Dumb Ways To Draw –

+ New as well as improved main menu layout!
+ Draw your way through the new minigames!
+ Test yourself and keep an eye out for the Daily Challenges!
+ Pick between 30+ pens!
+ Erasing bugs and drawing up ideas just for you!

This drawing game is a product of Metro Trains for Android 5.0 or the latest version. Over 1,000,000+ downloads on Google PlayStore with 4.1/5 average users rating make this game little popular.

Dumb Ways To Draw 1.9 + Mod APK [Unlimited Money + Ad-Free Hack] Download Links

What’s new in v1.9

Bugs fixes + features updates

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