Darkness Rises God Mode Hacked

Darkness Rises MOD APK (HIGHT DMG, God Mode) – a wondrous role-playing game in which darkness permeates all lands and in it, a multitude of wild demons are ready to break our gates. The road ahead will be tedious, but you have to continue and go to hell to destroy this evil before it destroys our world. Mod edition apk has HIGHT DMG and GOD MODE [PVE + PVP] and more.

File Name Darkness Rises + MOD
Developer NEXON Company
Package Name com.nexon.da3.global
Mod Features Gode Mode + Hight DMG
Current Version 1.44.0
Updated On July 23, 2020
Minimum Requirement 4.4 and up
Safety Check Safe
Official Link PlayStore

Darkness Rises – Fight against Dark World

Darkness Rises Mod is a revolutionary Action RPG that blends gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles. The path will be grueling, but you must persevere and descend into hell itself to destroy this evil. In a dark, muddled universe of darkness, Android players will be introduced to their grand hostility towards humanity. You will pick your own heroes in the game, take your favorites, bring your weapons, and weapon to situate yourself in epic combat against evil powers. Give it your all, otherwise, our world’s enemies will be ravaged, and humanity will die.

PVP and co-op are such excitement! They even have guilds you can join, there is also a lot of gameplay to stay enjoyed too. The story is interesting, the gameplay is great, the gear is beautiful as well as easy to understand. Leveling is paced well, the duels and PVP are a lot of fun (and rewarding). You don’t need to spend money to improve your character, and there’s so much more. Really, you will not regret downloading this game. Zero regrets in downloading it. The only complaint I would have is how much space it takes. The game is free and you have to patience to level up which is fair enough.

Along with typical RPG features, there are also several interesting game types to choose from. It involves the heart-linking ability to control demons and rivals. If you’re strong enough, feel free to transform against each other. And you may like to try Co-op game activities with other Gamers if you consider dungeons very challenging to overcome. Forme your group of mates and immerse yourself into the uncommon loots in amazing dungeons.


Darkness Rises offers lots of features within the game to make it more exciting and non-boring. Some of the useful characteristics listed below:

Collect Weapons and Equipment

I like the process that how users can collect items and weapons. You can use enemy weapons like scythes and flame throwers in-game apart from your main choice of weapon, and also it allows you to ride enemy giants like trolls and dragons. Hack and slash through fearsome beasts with a flurry of powerful skills. Enter the PvP arena and unleash your might against other players. This Epic roleplaying games pits you against demons as well as worse– can you rise to the challenge?

There will be various objects and weapons based on the grades, and you should be able to position the heroes more powerful in combat. And as you advance through the campaign, more and more strong weapons and gear will be accessible to you. In fact, you can bring different things which you can use in your battle against the orcs to make the combat less challenging. In any scenario, from remedies you will recover your health or energy, save your hero from the toxins or kill them with elixirs, and so on.

Customize Gameplay Character for Free

First of all, players in Darkness Rises have access to amazing custom characters. You will pick your hero and class courses here. Perhaps above all, the game lets you pick from different looks to create your characters. That said, with the available customization options you can change your appearance with great detail. Create your imagination from the ground up and create your characters.

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Darkness Rises game offers various different types of character level ups that only makes the game more exciting and interesting. You don’t need to waste money to improve your character, and there’s so much more. All new character that was just released known as the guardian which is a powerhouse but the barbarian character is still awesome for most of the gamers.

More Heros with unique powers and skills

This game has lots of custom options & opportunities including the creativity to build the hero of your dreams something that you don’t get out of any mobile game. Here you will get the facility to choose your favorite character from a bunch of classes and skills category. Some of those categories like:

  • Warrior – The powerful sword master who is able of performing quick and disastrous melee attacks toward the enemies. With decent defense, good damage, and good agility, this hero will be perfect for versatile fighting styles.
  • Wizard – With powerful elemental attacks that can be cast from distances, this hero is most powerful if you give her enough time and space to muster her mana. Feel free to deliver incredible magic attacks that can easily take down the enemies in a single blow.
  • Berserker – If you’re interested in having an all-out assault with the enemies, then the Berserker is certainly your favorite hero. With his large axe, extremely tanky build, and epic melee attacks, this hero is undoubtedly the best class to hold out the enemies while others doing the damages. And if you want to, his amazing axe smashes will be enough to wipe out most enemies in a single blow.
  • Assassin – And for those who’re more into the stealth, fast and decisive attacks, then the Assassin is undoubtedly the perfect role for you. Feel free to slice enemies with your great damages while staying away from them with your quick dodges.

This would have been a tragedy if the Dark Rise did not come with magical beasts with the medieval kingdom fantasy style. Holds in Dark Rises will even include the aid of the eagle, dragons, lions, and many other majestic creatures to aid you to contend with the enormous trolls and orcs. Fly on or get them as your pet, so that the challenges are far less complicated.

Incredible Battle and Combats on Darkness Rises game

So in order to make the game better, Darkness Rises players encourage the gamer to have exposure to the incredible combat that you never see in any Android games. This means you can never meet a boring moment in the dark rises with fast-paced hack and slash fights. Not to mention that you should have lots of fun kicking with a range of abilities and a short cooldown.

For those who’re fascinated by team gameplay, besides developing individuals, you can also join a guild and have yourself introduced to gamers from all over the world. Join each other in a single-family as you learn from the experienced players and explore exciting co-op challenges. Assemble special rewards that you would never able to collect on your own.

Unlock Rewards every day

Darkness Rises Mod edition already includes the option for unlimited rewards. Use those rewards points/coins to unlock multiples weapons, powers, characters, and more. So, for Mod edition users the daily reward function not going to give anything extra. Then why are you waiting for? just find bellow given download links and install the hacked apk to enjoy the game with god modes.

And for the regular users who like to play without cheating, can install the regular version and follow these steps to earn free rewards everyday. Check the hero’s details every day to earn rewards more. The game also features a variety of different rewards that you can pick up. This includes the epic daily rewards that you can collect just by logging in the game, in addition, there are also multiple daily missions that you can complete every day. So don’t miss out on them.

3D Graphics & Sounds

Experience every moment of the game with amazing 3D visuals which very hard to find in the Android games market. In other terms, you will find yourself utterly confused about the awesome maps with beautiful characters and amazing surroundings. A clear impact on blood, accurate mechanics, smooth gameplay, etc. All in all, for every RPG fan on the Android platform, to make this game a must-have word.

Apart from the remarkable 3d graphics quality, the developer also deeply enhances the gaming sounds experience. Feels like watching movies in 3D with a Hi-Fi sound system while playing this game. Every movement of you and your enemies can be tracked with the sound effects. Various kinds of sound effects included in this Darkness Rises Mod gameplay.

Installation File: Darkness Rises MOD (God Mode)

File Size: 89 and 95 MB
Installation Requirements: Android v4.4 – 4.4.4 (KitKat), 5.0 – 5.1.1 (Lollipop), Marshmallow (v6.0 – 6.0.1), v7.0 – 7.1 (Nougat), 8.0 – 8.1 (Oreo), v9 Pie, Android 10 or latest version.

Darkness Rises Game Benchmark

Game run’s very smoothly on my Android smartphone. Overall it’s very fun I highly recommend playing this if you are bored. And the chest system is better than some companies make them. HIGHLY Suggested GAME!!!! The graphics, as well as the music, is good. The gameplay is somewhat repetitive. Yet, awesome!!! I do not what is happening but my character has quickly become so strong. And I have a hard time running out of adventure keys and more and more which already discussed in detail.

Like every game, it also has some negative sides. Team PVP is fun and the ranked matches put your character against opponents 30 levels higher, and a power rating 1 million points higher. It’s impossible without spending money to progress. Getting the required S ++ runes and jewels, Impossible. ou have to do thousands of raids and dungeons to constantly upgrade and fuse it would take years to progress without spending. But don’t worry, that is we offer to download mod edition for unlimited money & Unlocked everything.

Latest Version Changes

  • Guild Parades are back!
  • The Infinity Tower just got taller! Make your way to the 200th floor!
  • New costume update!
  • Not enough Gold? Try using Gems instead!
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