Crossout Mobile apk – PvP Action

Crossout Mobile apk – PvP Action

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Name Crossout Mobile - PvP Action
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Updated Jul 18, 2023
MOD Original apk
Size 496 MB
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Crossout Mobile - PvP Action

Crossout Mobile – PvP Action Gameplay:

Crossout Mobile – is a car action of PvP battles game by Gaijin Distribution KFT. The game is in the post-apocalyptic world’s ruins. The consumer takes part in a big fight with others and has to handle powerful vehicles full of weapons of all sorts. Players must fire the field to cover from enemy bullets and shells in order to gain victories in wars. You will use the money you won to buy new guns and armor between fights.


The land has become stubborn and has no water and no grass left on the planet. This incident led to a great war between people. People battle their competitors and transform their vehicles into dangerous monsters and weapons. You are one of those soldiers in Crossout Mobile who must survive against other enemies and want to save themselves from deadly dangers by killing them. There is a lot of attention in this game to create and customize vehicles. By purchasing different cars or customizing purchased cars, players can create a proprietary system. It’s all up to you.


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Key Features:

  • In this Crossout Mobile game, Hundreds of bits, fatal arms, and many side items enable players to create millions of different combinations of these items, according to the manufacturer! Group fighting is 6 to 6 in general style and sense.
  • There will be two key objectives for each team in those fights and the winning team loses if one of them is accomplished. The first objective is to kill all the cars of the enemy.
  • The first goal is to kill all the cars of the enemy. If a group can kill the opposing team members faster than it destroys itself, they can win. In the second example, the objective is to win the camp of the enemy. Both teams have a key base that is captured and the first team loser if the opposing team members are present for a certain time at that base. Easy but practical and competent game controls.
  • You can drive your car around and fire at the targets with the aid of the pointer on the right using the virtual control pad at the left. In order to get more precise images, you can also zoom in. You may do further harm to critical components such as car engines, or fire at their tires.
  • Do not miss this brilliantly created game if you are looking for a fun, competitive, and very action-oriented game. You may make certain vehicles impossible for them to a drive by shooting at critical components such as car engines or by shooting at their tires.
  • Crossout Mobile is well-designed graphically, with 3D design specifics close to console headings.
  • And More…


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Installation Requirements: 6.0 and up

What’s new in Crossout Mobile v1.21.0.68005:

• Update 1.19.0 is already available!
• New in-game mechanics — Co-drivers!
• New temporary event “Bounty hunting”
• New battle pass season “New dawn”
• New seasonal pack “Eureka” based on the legendary cabin “Hadron”
• Added game area borders for the “Broken monorail” map
• Added game localization into Arabic, Thai, Korean and Indonesian
• Improved interface
• Fixed various bugs

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