Latest White Noise Pro v7.6.6 Nature Sound and Melody Listening Software for Android

Full Purchased (Paid) apk file for Free

Android Software White Noise is a very interesting app that helps you to find relaxation wherever you are. Most of the people in the world love to listen to nature sound link rain, thunderstorms, and more. This environment sound also helps to go to sleep soon. A collection of concentration, sleep in peace, calming babies and many other items inside a single app. And here you can download the full paid edition of White Noise Pro 7.6.6 apk at no cost.

This White Noise paid full app will help you stay calm and sleep well at night. Are you having trouble sleeping? Need a short break while you’re traveling? Wake up in the middle of the night your newborn baby? In this scenario, the White Noise program offers you the most advantages. More than 40 calming effects, ambient music, electronic clock for sleep, audio clocks, no advertising, free download for new sounds, and more.

Features of White Noise Pro 7.6.6 Android Software:

  • More than 50+ HD full stereo lovely sounds that are exclusive
  • Make your own binaural beats, custom color noises, and tones using the pro generator tools included with White Noise Pro
  • Also add additional sounds for free with the White Noise Market app or website:
  • You can perform record, loop, and share new sounds with total ease
  • Play the sound or melodies even you using other apps
  • App Widget and Chromecast TV support for audio control and playback. (Note: Chromecast audio devices require using the Google Home app)
  • Create new soundscapes by mixing multiple noises together with support for adjusting volume, balance, pitch, and variance of each individual sound in the mix.
  • Experience Full screen digital clock with multiple colors and brightness controls makes it the perfect companion for any nightstand
  • Advanced alarm as well as timer system that slowly fades audio in and out so you awake naturally feeling more refreshed.
  • Supports music alarms too with Android 5.0 devices.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite sounds as well as mixes to enjoy various ambiances throughout the day
  • On-screen media and volume controls with swipe gesture support for quickly navigating the sound collection
  • Advanced Settings let you prevent interruptions such as notifications, tweak buffer size for optimal playback, adjust sound volume, balance, pitch, custom alarm snooze times, and more. All the pro tools and settings you need for better sleep.
  • Designed to work on all Android-based phones and tablets
  • Ad-Free experience.

Your brain scans and listens to sounds constantly even when you’re asleep. If you wake up unwanted sounds like a water leak and a police siren, White Noise will cover additional sounds by creating sounds over a wide range of frequencies. So you will no longer wake up.

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What’s new inside v7.6.6

Implemented new navigation, providing a smoother and consistent flow. Many changes under the hood to support current and future versions of android. Improved app startup time. Support library updates with stability and other bug fixes.