Download Latest NetX Network Tools PRO v6.0.0.0 Android Network manager software

Paid + Full Unlocked Features to access for Free APK file of NetX PRO network controlling software is here. Managing some network devices does not always require any special hardware tool. It useful set of network tools available to your users as well. With this app, you can easily find as well as manage Wi-Fi and mobile devices.

Dozens of features and tools bundle make this app so famous and useful. Network Scan: All network-connected devices are detected. Shows the main data, IP address, MAC address, provider, bonjour, name and domain for each connected device. Displays the most important information.

Features of NetX Network Tools PRO Android Software

  • Network Scan: Discover all devices connected to the network.
  • View important information for each connected device, IP address, MAC address, vendor, Bonjour name, NetBIOS name and domain
  • Wake On LAN (WOL): Switch to a remote device from your mobile phone or tablet while connected via WiFi or a mobile internet connection.
  • Secure SHell (SSH): Put a remote device into sleep mode or turn off your mobile phone or tablet while connected via WiFi or a mobile Internet connection.
  • View the version of the operating system installed on the remote device (must be installed on the remote device and start an SSH server)
  • Offline upload All devices on a network are already detected
  • Adding a new network or a new device manually to manage all capabilities for an unidentified device
  • WiFi connection information (external IP, signal strength, download and upload speed, subnetmask, gateway, DNS)
  • Information about mobile provider (external IP, signal strength, download and upload speed, CID, LAC, MCC, MNC)
  • Wifi Scan: Find WiFi and display SSID, signal strength, channel, encryption
  • Graphical display of bandwidth as well as interference between channels of WiFi networks
  • Remotely monitor and detect devices: Displays CPU power, RAM consumption, and displays available disk space
  • Monitor WiFi network access. Receive alerts when a new device or an unknown device is connected to the network
  • Ping capability. This can ping any connected device and get any host name or IP address.
  • Port scanner for scanning most used ports
  • Has different themes
  • Available languages: Czech, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese
  • And More…

This network management software is a product from NetGEL for Android 4.1 or the latest version. More than is 100,000+ paid installs with 4.6/5 average users rating on Google PlayStore.

Download NetX Network Tools PRO APK [Full Paid]

What’s new inside v6.0.0.0

  • Performance Updarte